We are ordained non-denominational ministers and professional wedding planners. Under the laws of the State of Florida we are authorized not only to perform weddings but also to legally execute the marriage certificate when one is involved.  In additional to weddings we officiate many other ceremonies such as Baptisms, vow renewals, celebrations of life, and much more!

What makes us different?

To begin with, we are not bound by rules and regulations imposed by organized religious units such as churches. Many of these religious bodies dictate you must be the same religion, a member of their church, you cannot be the same sex, you must be of the same race, ect.  We believe that love has no bounds and is an internal manifestation of life longing for itself. How can any religious organization control who or how you love or manifest that love?? This is not something that they have a right to grant unto anyone.

Where does one go when division occurs because one party believes they need to be married in one faith or church and the other party believes theirs should take precedent? How many families are torn because of these differences? This should not be a time of strife but one of happiness and celebration. It is not the love for each other and the joining of spirits that is at the center of the event?? We understand these situations and facilitate the transition of understanding that as a couple you are moving to become one as life and love has destined you to do.  By bringing your event to a neutral venue, you will help remove some of the friction involved in these situations. We will happily perform a ceremony at the venue of your choice.

Our focus is on promoting your journey of fulfillment. We believe that one of life's greatest gifts is LOVE! We believe that whoever our maker is, the core component of life is love. Have you ever looked at someone who made your smile? This is a manifestation of love and caring for the being that you are. Has someone ever done something that touched your heart? That person is promoting the essence of caring which has at it's core, LOVE! Has a touch ever made you tingle? That is the internal spirit within all of us that briefly recognizes each others core essence. This is what we promote. These are the elements that we facilitate through our ceremonies.

We believe in love, family, unity, respect, trust, and honest. We have more that thirty years of experience to provide you with a romantic, exciting, and very spiritual wedding ceremony. We will conduct and celebrate your special love and provide any rites of passage with any special rituals according to your personal beliefs.